An Astounding History of Scientific Space Art from the Past 200 Years

Ron Miller's new coffee table book The Art of Space is a gorgeous history of scientific illustrations, full of retro rockets and stunning planetscapes. It's also a glimpse back at the cutting-edge astronomy of yesteryear. We've got a gallery of some of the most striking work from the book. » 11/20/14 8:00am 11/20/14 8:00am

In The Dracula Dossier, Stoker's Novel is a Redacted Coverup

Bram Stoker's novel about a vampire lord coming to London was really the redacted case notes about a British Intelligence plan to recruit him. You can battle Dracula as a post-Cold War spy in a months-long RPG campaign with The Dracula Dossier. » 11/18/14 8:40am 11/18/14 8:40am

Civilization: Beyond Earth Takes Your Civ Into An Alien Future

Civilization: Beyond Earth takes the basic structure of Civilization 5 and infuses it with science-fiction tropes, alien creatures, and a sprawling web of advanced speculative technology. Yes, it's an excellent game. Its only fault is that it's not quite alien enough. » 11/07/14 7:30am 11/07/14 7:30am